Meet Jasika


Best Dietician in Delhi

I am a Nutritionist and Online weight loss coach based in Delhi. I provide an adaptive and holistic approach to my treatment that embraces both functional and orthodox medicine.

Being Unwell is awful and being treated by medical practitioners without the right approach can make you worse, not better.

I was not a person who was very fond of medicines for issues like cough and cold, headache, toothache, fever, stomach problems, etc. and my mother always inspired me to cure myself with a variety of home remedies instead of incorporating prevailing medicines. And guess what? It worked really well.

Hence, that inclined my fascination towards nutrition and diet and I always restrained resorting to contemporarily vogue treatments.

My outlook towards nutrition has always been to promote locally grown foods as they are nutritionally dense and healthier for our body.

After completing my graduation in Clinical Nutrition, I gained a resourceful experience at a multi-specialty hospital. In order to further strengthen nutritional knowledge, I worked as an assistant nutritional advisor.

I have dealt with clients suffering with diabetes, High BP, auto-immune disorder, Obesity, anxiety, vitamin deficiencies, PCOD/S, Kidney ailments, Thyroid, etc. I have also guided pregnant and lactating women to maintain their routine and lifestyle during and post their course.

I can be your Online nutrition coach for weight loss and dietitian who can create a distinction from the life of illnesses to life of optimal health.

What We Do

Nutrition Plans

Initial Consult:

First consultation will be proceeded online using phone or by text/whatsapp. The initial consult will include body profiling to get to know more about your likes/dislikes, preferences, routine and body in detail.

Diet Planning:

After understanding your body and lifestyle in detail, we will prepare a personalized diet for you according to your requirements, culture and palatability. The diets will be balanced with wholesome foods that will ensure the sustainability of diet.

Track Your Progress:

We will keep a tab on your diet, sleep pattern, exercise and stress level. You can keep us updated on every third day.

Keeping Your Blood Profile in Check:

You can send us your recent blood reports so that your overall health and nourishment can be kept on in focus.