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What is dieting and how to do it correctly?

True meaning to dietingWhat is dieting?

Most people have this idea that dieting is a short term practice of restricting food for weight loss. First thing to remember that the word dieting suggests the practice of having food with a purpose. Let me remind you that your purpose should not be restricted to weight loss or to be thin. Regulating eating habits to keep physical and mental health in check should be a priority or purpose behind dieting.


How to do it correctly?

Losing fat from the body is important because evidently, accumulated fat decreases the quality of life. It is a host for a lot of health problems like obesity, hormonal imbalances, fatty liver, etc. It’s very important to know that a single food or a single habit won’t help lose fat from the body. The answer is Lifestyle management! This fast moving life has provided us comfort and a better life but it’s opposite for our health. This financially stable life is deprived of some of the very important things that keep our body healthy and fit like

  • Sleeping on time
  • Physical activity
  • Stress free mind
  • Eating homecooked foods, etc.


Here are some “dieting” tips to remember if you are seeking weight loss:


  1. Try to make your meals nutritionally rich by adding variety.
  2. Focus on proteins. Proteins are important to losing fat. It keeps us satisfied for longer hours and helps to increase metabolism that helps in fat loss.
  3. Do not consume empty calories (foods that do not provide nutrients) in the form of fruit juices, cold drinks, candies, packaged chips, etc.
  4. Have small and frequent meals to avoid overeating and regulate blood sugar levels.
  5. Exercise is the key and it doesn’t have to be just going to the gym. You can do any activity that you enjoy like playing sports of your choice, walking, jogging, yoga, aerobic exercises, lifting weights, etc. 


Some misconceptions related to dieting:


  1. Restriction leads to weight loss– It definitely leads to weight loss but that is because you lose muscle mass, water weight etc. when you restrict food. The goal should be to lose accumulated fat
  2. Green Tea / Black Coffee / Detox Drinks makes you lose fat– No single food results in fat loss, you need to follow a diet routine and practice incorporating good lifestyle habits
  3. Weighing scale is the accurate method to check fat loss– Weighing machine tells you how much you weigh which include your water weight, bones, muscle weight, fat etc. Evidently, to check fat loss, inch measurement should be considered 
  4. Carbs are fattening– Carbs are the major source of  energy and should be considered everyday. The only thing to keep in mind is to pair them with protein and vegetables.
  5. Slimming pills are safe– Food in the least processed form is the only thing that you should put inside your mouth and that gives you energy. They can make you lose weight temporarily but that’s just water weight. Most importantly, they wreak havoc to your gut health. In conclusion, these pills are not good for overall health.