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Is detox Important?

Going on a detox after any occasion or festival has become so common. Losing weight becomes easier after going on a detox diet. Let’s understand if this is really the case.


Detox diets / cleanses mostly involves fasting, juices, boiled/mashed vegetables, herbs, teas, supplements, enemas etc.. It claims to drain the body off toxins.


What is Detox?

Detoxification or sometimes called detoxes/cleanses is the way to remove toxins from the body and clean your blood. Toxins accumulate in our body because of dietary and environmental factors. Pollutants, processed foods, heavy metals, synthetic chemicals, etc. are some of the unwanted toxins. These toxins can cause variety of health problems when our body becomes incapable of removing it. These diets claim to provide body with essential nutrients, eliminate toxins through urine, sweat

Detox and Cleanses

 and feces and improve blood circulation. But here is a thing our body is equipped to eliminate harmful toxins from the body through the liver and kidneys. There really isn’t any need to go through extensive processes just to get rid of those toxins. Our body (liver and kidneys) perform detoxification without us knowing.


Health Effects-

Eating foods that are responsible to get rid off toxins are fine but an attempt to lose weight faster isn’t. Fasting once or twice a month is good for health but it is not a necessity. Furthermore, following restrictive diets to lose weight is not a healthy way to deal with accumulated fat in our body. The problem that lies with going through these extensive processes are-


  1. Nutrient Deficiency– Following detox diets and cleanses might cause nutrient deficiencies like protein, vitamin e, magnesium and etc. in the long run.
  2. Lethargy– Fatigue or lethargy follows detox diets because carbohydrates (primary source of energy) are restricted in these diets. 
  3. Temporary weight loss– Not having enough carbohydrates makes your body lose water. That is why you see a drop in your weight but it’s temporary. Once you get back on the normal routine it will all bounce back.
  4. Exertion on kidneys– Drinking too much fluids put pressure on the kidneys by working tirelessly to filter and maintain circulation.


How to do it the right way?


  1. Exercise regularly– Exercising regularly maintain metabolism and helps our organs to work efficiently
  2. Eat whole foods– We are what we eat. Whatever we put inside our stomach decides how well our body functions. So, remember to eat home cooked, whole foods and variety in every meal.
  3. Get enough sleep– Keep a check on sleep routine. It is the phase when our body starts healing the oxidative stress caused by environment, routine etc.. So, a proper sleep routine is important to keep liver and kidneys healthy.
  4. Avoid alcohol and smoking– Alcohol and smoking is a pure form of toxins that we inhale and ingest willingly. No amount of alcohol and smoking is fine to have and will have negative effects on our body.
  5. Consume seasonal fruits and vegetables– Seasonal and local fruits and vegetables have the power to give our body what it needs as per demography and particular season and the more we become aware of what is good for our body, the more effectively our body functions.