Secret Ingredient

Eating right and regular exercising are the secret ingredients to healthy weight loss.

Did You Know

Ajwain increases the appetite for those suffering from loss of appetite.

Fruits Vs. Juice

Whole fruits and vegetables have healthy fiber, which is lost during juicing.


It's not about what you eat, It's about how you feel

Nutrition consultant in Delhi

I am a Nutrition consultant based in Delhi, India. I provide an adaptive and holistic approach to my treatment that embraces both functional and orthodox medicine.

Being Unwell is awful and being treated by medical practitioners without the right approach can make you worse, not better.

My outlook towards nutrition has always been to promote locally grown foods as they are nutritionally dense and healthier for our body.

Nutrition Recipes by Best online nutrition coach in Delhi
Choose Your Nutrition

Peanut Chaat

Nutrition Info: Peanuts are loaded with a variety of nutrients. They are a good source of fibre, loaded with protein and offer several other health benefits. You can consume peanuts when trying to lose weight as it may help you reduce appetite.


Soya Cutlets

Nutrition Info: Soya Chunks cutlet recipe is an tasty protein rich snack. This is probably one of best veg cutlet recipe without potatoes that tastes utterly delicious. Soya are high quality Vegetable protein, a perfect and economical substitute for meat based proteins.


Vegetable Sprouts Poha

Nutrition Info: Packed with iron: Eating poha regularly can prevent iron deficiency or anaemia as it contains 20mg of iron in every 100g raw rice flakes. Children as well as pregnant and lactating women can benefit greatly by consuming it.


Lobia Dosa

Nutrition Info: Lobia are high in fiber and protein and other antinutrients and may cause digestive issues in some people. However, Soaking and cooking them can help minimize side effects. Lobia may help increase weight loss, improve digestive health and support better heart health.

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